239 Cool And Creative Fantasy Hockey Team Names

When hitting the fantasy hockey rink, you’ll want a team name that scores big with creativity. Coming up with a clever, funny moniker is the perfect way to stir team spirit and trash talk rivals. With so many options from player puns to pop culture references, choosing the right fantasy hockey team name can seem like a hat trick. But after browsing this list of funny and unique name ideas, you’ll be equipped with plenty of inspiration for christening your crew. We’ll explore different types of names from cheeky to cool that channel hockey vibes. Use these fantasy hockey team names as fuel to come up with a moniker that’s an icy knockout!

Fantasy Hockey Team Names

List Of 239 Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Puck Dynasty”
  2. “The Icebreakers”
  3. “Hockey Hooligans”
  4. “Frozen Frenzy”
  5. “The Slapshot All-Stars”
  6. “Puck Pioneers”
  7. “Ice Kings”
  8. “The Rink Rascals”
  9. “Stick Wizards”
  10. “Frozen Fury”
  11. “The Ice Guardians”
  12. “Hockey Havoc”
  13. “Net Ninjas”
  14. “The Ice Warriors”
  15. “Goal Gurus”
  16. “Blue-Line Bandits”
  17. “The Puck Predators”
  18. “Slapshot Superstars”
  19. “The Frozen Phenoms”
  20. “Hockey Heroes”
  21. “Power Play Pros”
  22. “The Zamboni Zappers”
  23. “Faceoff Fanatics”
  24. “Ice Monsters”
  25. “The Puck Possessors”
  26. “Backcheck Bandits”
  27. “The Hat Trick Heroes”
  28. “Wristshot Warriors”
  29. “Faceoff Fanatics”
  30. “The Puck Prowlers”
  31. “Glove Save Gurus”
  32. “The Ice Enforcers”
  33. “Dangle Dynasty”
  34. “The Hockey Hitmen”
  35. “Slapshot Sensations”
  36. “The Puck Protectors”
  37. “Goalie Goliaths”
  38. “The Ice Invaders”
  39. “Hockey Hotshots”
  40. “Power Play Predators”
  41. “The Zamboni Zealots”
  42. “Biscuit Brawlers”
  43. “The Rink Rebels”
  44. “Stick Handling Stars”
  45. “The Faceoff Fanatics”
  46. “Wristshot Wizards”
  47. “Backcheck Bandits”
  48. “The Hat Trick Hustlers”
  49. “Puck Possession Pros”
  50. “The Ice Intimidators”

Funny Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Puck ‘n’ Chuckle”
  2. “The Goon Squad Giggles”
  3. “Slapstick Slapshots”
  4. “The Ice-Capades”
  5. “Rink Rascals of Ridiculousness”
  6. “The Zany Zamboni Zealots”
  7. “Stick-It-to-the-Man Stickhandlers”
  8. “The Rinkside Roasters”
  9. “Frozen Fools”
  10. “Hockey Hair Flair”
  11. “Goalie Gags and Grins”
  12. “The Puck Pranksters”
  13. “Wacky Wristshot Wizards”
  14. “Dangle Demons of Delight”
  15. “The Bizarre Backcheck Bandits”
  16. “Puck Possession Pranks”
  17. “Lunatic Lineup”
  18. “The Penalty Box Pranksters”
  19. “Blue-Line Buffoons”
  20. “Netminder Nonsense”

Good Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Hockey Heralds”
  2. “The Elite Enforcers”
  3. “Goal-Getters”
  4. “Puck Pursuers”
  5. “Ice Icons”
  6. “Net Knights”
  7. “Rink Royalty”
  8. “The Stick Surgeons”
  9. “Wristshot Warriors”
  10. “Frozen Flames”
  11. “Slapshot Stars”
  12. “Faceoff Forces”
  13. “Puck Predators”
  14. “Power Play Prowess”
  15. “Blue-Line Blazers”
  16. “The Hat Trick Heroes”
  17. “Glove Save Greats”
  18. “Puck Protectors”
  19. “Hockey Heroes of Honor”
  20. “Ice Invaders”

Best Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Puck Perfectionists”
  2. “The Elite Enforcers”
  3. “Goal Gurus of Greatness”
  4. “Rink Royalty”
  5. “Stickhandling Supreme”
  6. “Net Ninjas of Nirvana”
  7. “Rinkside Royalty”
  8. “The Wristshot Wizards”
  9. “Frozen Flames of Fantasy”
  10. “Slapshot Sensations”
  11. “Faceoff Fanatics of the First Order”
  12. “The Puck Predators of Perfection”
  13. “Power Play Pros of Prestige”
  14. “Blue-Line Bandits of Brilliance”
  15. “Hat Trick Heroes of Highness”
  16. “Glove Save Gurus of Greatness”
  17. “Puck Protectors of Paragon”
  18. “Hockey Heroes of the Highest Order”
  19. “Ice Invaders of Illustriousness”

Dirty Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Puck Bunnies Gone Wild”
  2. “Five-Hole Freaks”
  3. “Stickhandling Sinners”
  4. “The Net Lickers”
  5. “Blue-Line Bad Boys”
  6. “The Penalty Box Playboys”
  7. “Slash and Burn”
  8. “The Filthy Faceoff Fanatics”
  9. “Bare-Chested Backcheckers”
  10. “Hockey Hair Hooligans”
  11. “The Icing Indecencies”
  12. “Enforcer Escapades”
  13. “The Dangle Devils”
  14. “Sinful Slapshot Sensations”
  15. “The Goalie Grind”
  16. “Dirty Deke Desperados”
  17. “The Stripper Stickhandlers”
  18. “Forecheck Fiends”
  19. “The Naughty Netminders”
  20. “Mouthguard Misfits”

Great Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Championship Chasers”
  2. “Elite Edge Eaters”
  3. “Supreme Stickhandlers”
  4. “Mighty Puckmasters”
  5. “Fantasy All-Stars”
  6. “Rink Royalty”
  7. “Goalie Guardians”
  8. “Puck Possession Pros”
  9. “Dynasty Drafters”
  10. “Ice Dominators”
  11. “Ultimate Enforcers”
  12. “Hockey Heroes of Greatness”
  13. “The Dominant Dynasty”
  14. “Winning Wizards”
  15. “Rising Rink Royals”
  16. “Champion Chariots”
  17. “Fantasy Flawless Finishers”
  18. “Elite Enforcers of Excellence”
  19. “Supreme Strategy Stars”
  20. “Mighty Matchup Masters”

Clever Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Puckish Pundits”
  2. “The Rink Renegades”
  3. “Brainy Blue-Liners”
  4. “Witty Wristshot Wizards”
  5. “Slick Stick Strategists”
  6. “The Savvy Snipers”
  7. “Cunning Checkmates”
  8. “The Puck Possession Planners”
  9. “Smart Set-up Specialists”
  10. “Sly Stick Schemers”
  11. “The Brainy Backcheck Bandits”
  12. “Clever Courtmasters”
  13. “Puck Prowess Puzzlers”
  14. “The Icy Idea Innovators”
  15. “Daring Dangle Designers”
  16. “The Crafty Centermen”
  17. “Mental Matchup Maestros”
  18. “The Rinkside Renegades”
  19. “Strategic Slapshot Sorcerers”
  20. “The Rink Rebels of Reason”

Blackhawks Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Hawks’ Nest Heroes”
  2. “Chicago Champs”
  3. “Windy City Winners”
  4. “Blackhawk Battalion”
  5. “Red Line Renegades”
  6. “Chicago’s Finest Fantasy”
  7. “Hawk Hooligans”
  8. “Hometown Heroes”
  9. “Blackhawk Blockbusters”
  10. “Wingless Wonders”
  11. “Chicago Champions”
  12. “Hawks’ Hotshots”
  13. “Chicago Ice Dominators”
  14. “Blackhawk Blazers”
  15. “Red Line Ringleaders”
  16. “Chicago Chieftains”
  17. “Hawk Headliners”
  18. “Windy City Wizards”
  19. “Blackhawk Bandits”
  20. “Hawkeye Heavens”

Flyers Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Philly Puckmasters”
  2. “Flyers Fanatics”
  3. “Broad Street Bullies”
  4. “Philadelphia Fantasy Flyers”
  5. “Orange and Black Dominators”
  6. “Broad Street Bashers”
  7. “Flyers Frenzy”
  8. “Philly’s Power Play Pros”
  9. “Orange Crush Crew”
  10. “Broad Street Brawlers”
  11. “Philadelphia Puck Pursuers”
  12. “Flying High Fantasy”
  13. “Philly Enforcers”
  14. “Orange Crush Champs”
  15. “Broad Street Beasts”
  16. “Philadelphia Puck Protectors”
  17. “Flyers Faceoff Fanatics”
  18. “Orange Storm Surge”
  19. “Broad Street Blueliners”
  20. “Philly’s Puck Possession Pros”

Raunchy Fantasy Hockey Team Names:

  1. “Stick-Slap Scoundrels”
  2. “Netminder Nastiness”
  3. “Puck Teasers and Pleasers”
  4. “X-Rated Rink Raiders”
  5. “The Penalty Box Perverts”
  6. “Bare-Chested Backcheckers”
  7. “Puck Bunny Bandits”
  8. “Filthy Faceoff Fanatics”
  9. “The Sinful Snipers”
  10. “Stick-Swinging Sinners”
  11. “The Penalty Box Playmates”
  12. “Puck Perversion Pros”
  13. “X-Rated Rinkside Rompers”
  14. “Forecheck Fiends of Filth”
  15. “The Naughty Netminders”
  16. “Penalty Box Pole Dancers”
  17. “Sinful Stick Swingers”
  18. “The Devious Dangle Devils”
  19. “XXX-Rated X-checkers”
  20. “Mouthguard Misfits”

Finding the perfect fantasy hockey team name takes creativity, humor, and a little trash talk. Look to funny puns, iconic hockey movies, NHL stars, and inside jokes as inspiration. Choose a name that captures your crew’s vibe while also firing up your competitive spirit. Take time to brainstorm options and bounce ideas off teammates to land on just the right moniker. Whichever name you choose, keep it fun and inclusive for a friendly league. With these fantasy hockey team name suggestions to get your ideas flowing, you’ll come up with a title that scores big and brings laughs all season long. Get out there and put together a fantasy roster as unstoppable as your epic team name!

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